The word alkermes comes from the Arabic qìrmiz, which means ‘of scarlet color’. The origins of the Alkermes liqueur date back to the 15th century. The recipe used today is that written in 1743 by Fra’ Cosimo Bucelli, who at the time was the director of the Officina. The ingredients are alcoholic extracts of spices, distilled rose water, distilled orange blossom water, sugar and kermes. Its bright, ruby red color, which gave it its name, and the warm, spicy taste make Alkermes a unique liqueur. The Tuscan Region has officially recognized Alkermes as a “traditional product” and it has been included in the national registry of these products. 35% alcohol.

100.0 mL

100 mL - 7010214

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Triman décret n° 2014-1577
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500 mL - 7010215

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